Frequently Asked Questions


Does the SEAT MÓ 125 have a warranty?

Yes, the scooter comes with a 2-year warranty, additionally, its battery also includes a 4 -year warranty.

*Important: the battery must be charged at least once a month, or the warranty will be voided.

How do you charge the battery?

The SEAT MÓ 125 has a removable trolley-style battery system, so you can effortlessly dismount it and charge it anywhere, as long as you have a conventional plug socket. *A unique plug or adapter is not necessary.

If you like, you can also charge the battery while it is inside the scooter by connecting it to a conventional plug with the SCHUKO cable.

How long does a battery last?

The SEAT MÓ 125’s battery is manufactured to European quality standards and will retain a 97% capacity, even after 500 charge cycles.

How long does it take to charge a battery?

In general, to power up from a completely depleted battery takes approximately 6 hours. However, we don’t recommend draining the battery completely as it’s always better to charge on the go, that way you’ll never run out of power. This also makes for faster charging and helps to extend the battery’s life.

*Important: the battery must be charged at least once a month, or the warranty will be voided.

How much can I save with a SEAT MÓ 125?

A SEAT MÓ electric scooter is fully electric, this means you will spend less on maintenance (in terms of tyres and brakes) and save roughly €225 a year for every 5.000 km.

For every 100 km travelled, the scooter uses approximately 5.84kWh. And since the average price per kWh at off-peak times is around €0.12, a SEAT scooter will cost only €0.70 per 100 km travelled. On the other hand, a combustion-engine scooter with the same characteristics uses 4 litres of fuel every 100 kilometres. So, with petrol at an average price of €1.45, you would be spending €5.80 per 100 km.

What are the benefits of the SEAT MÓ 125?

The SEAT MÓ 125 is quiet, comfortable and ergonomic. It’s non-polluting, can tackle any road type and requires very little maintenance. Not only does it accelerate faster than a 125cc combustion scooter, but it does so without noise, emissions, or vibrations. So overall, you can enjoy a more stable ride while saving up to 85% (compared to what you would spend on a combustion engine).

What functions come as standard on the SEAT MÓ 125?

The SEAT MÓ electric scooter comes with several advanced features as standard. Complete with full LED lights to improve safety and visibility. Plus, emission-free travel, with a purely electric range of 137 km and rapid acceleration that lets you go from 0 to 50 km/h in just 3.9 seconds. And with 3 driving modes and a reverse gear, you’ll always have complete control on the road.

What type of batteries are available? What type of range do they have?

The SEAT MÓ electric scooter has a removable trolley-style Battery Pack, so you can disconnect it easily and conveniently take it with you to charge. A fully charged battery will give you an extensive electric range of approximately 137 km.

What type of licence do I need for a SEAT MÓ 125?

The SEAT MÓ is equivalent to a 125cc class scooter, meaning you need one of the following licences:

A1 (Scooter under 11kw) *Applicable to mopeds that are 49cc and limited to 50 km/h. A2 (11kw to 35kw scooter) B (3-years’ of experience driving a scooter up to 11kw)

Where can I take my scooter if I have a problem with it?

The SEAT MÓ 125 can be taken to any SEAT centre where the scooter is sold. If you experience any problems, it can be replaced or repaired right away.


How does the SEAT MÓ connect to my smartphone?

The SEAT MÓ has a built-in telecommunications unit that shows real-time data about your scooter on your smartphone. With the My SEAT MÓ app, you can receive notifications or even use your phone as a key, extra handy for when you are out and about.

All you need to do is download My SEAT MÓ app from the Apple App store or Google Play Store.

What do I need to do to get the app?

It's compatible with both Apple and Android devices and all you need is a data plan. Simply download the app to register and create an account. Then, follow the instructions in the app to pair your SEAT MÓ with your phone. To secure the process, you will be need to be close to your scooter to perform some simple actions. Both your phone and the vehicle will need network coverage while pairing.

What information can I find on the My SEAT MÓ app?

With the My SEAT MÓ app, you can find live information about your scooter, such as its location, the battery level and estimated range. You can also receive alerts and notifications and even set up an alarm when the battery falls below a certain level. Use your smartphone phone instead of your key to open your seat and start and stop the engine.